DeFrank Career Paths

DeFrank Career Paths has the cutting edge core competency in sourcing, training and deploying the best suited human talent. DeFrank Technologies uses proven and customized methodologies to source the desired talent pool preferred by Recruiters. The Herculean task of screening human talent is minimized at the hands of DeFrank Technologies. The Recruiters have a variety of pre-screened candidates to make the right recruitment decision. DeFrank Technologies is relentlessly working among the Human Talent in the path of learning and development.

    DeFrank Jobs - One Stop Career Solution
    DeFrank Jobs provides free job registrations and connects you to several corporate companies and passionate jobs. We request you to fill the details (DeFrank Jobs - Free Registration Link) and submit. Our career executives shall find the right job just for you.

    • Fresher Placements
    • Middle Management
    • Top Management
    • Niche Recruitment

      • The knowledge economy has arrived -- the fuel of this new economy, the knowledge worker, requires new approaches to management, leadership, support and recruitment. Organizations that achieved lasting and sustained success in the new knowledge economy (read uncertain times) were those that leveraged the effectiveness of its Human Talent.

          DeFrank Career Enhancer - We Make your Dream Job Come True
          Career Enhancer is a unique experiential delight in exploring, assessing, crafting your desired career path. It is a life-time experience to design your career and get in-depth expert insight in creating magical paths towards your desired dream jobs.It is just a click to realize your aspiration. Register(DeFrank Career Enhancer Registration Link) and explore the variety of career enhancement options.

          • Career Smart: A smart way to match your behavioural style with career.

          • Career Crafter: Explores behavioural style and maps skill, competency, knowledge and ability for successful career.

          • Career Mentor: A step-by-step career intensive assessment and coaching module to design your dream careers.

          • Resume Enhancer: Scientifically transforms your resume content, quality, design and builds your competency.

          • Career Fastrack: Premium Job Finder and Placement. (Eligible only after successfully completing any one of the above services)

          DeFrank Group uses Pre-selected Deployment, Pre-selected and Trained Deployment, Finishing School Model, Train and Deploy Model right sourcing and deployment.