DeFrank Centre for Behavioural and Management Research

DeFrank Centre for Behavioural and Management Research is a unique academy of management excellence. The academy is dedicated to Behavioural and Management Research, the centre has numerous reports and research materials from the corporate arena. The DCBMR nurtures young and aspiring researchers in the pursuit to explore the world of Psychology and Management. DCBMR caters to the corporate and the academic institutions. It acts as a bridge between the corporate and academic world. The major areas of DCBMR operations include Behavioural Research, HR Research, Business Development Research, Management Research, Corporate Consultancy, Knowledge Management

    DCBMR Certified Practitioner Course

    DeFrank Certified Practitioner Course provides a comprehensive insight into the practical elements of management required for hands-on practitioners. The course equips professionals with skills and knowledge required to manage and transform business efficiency. DeFrank Certified Practitioner Course encompasses practical and current industry curriculum, behavioural schematic methodology, experienced corporate trainers, industry recognized certification, placement and knowledge support, live projects, internship, corporate interface and bridge communicative course. The following courses are offered:

    • Psychometrics

    • Human Resource Development

    • Business Development

    • Business Analytics

    • Financial Management

    • Advanced Assessment Centre

    • Information Technology