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DeFrank Psychometrics & Assessments

DeFrank Psychometrics is an indigenously developed and tested system for all levels and sections of users. The tests are developed by experts of DeFrank Group through research. The psychometrics is used widely by corporate, placement agencies and institutions. DeFrank has well experienced experts to train, administer and interpret the psychometrics. The core competency of the process lies in our expertise strength in matured counselling and intervention.

    DeFrank Psychometric assessment identifies the hidden personality traits, characteristics, internal ability, interest, motivational factors and behavioural pattern at different situations. DeFrank knowledge and skill assessment explores the cognitive ability of the individual. DeFrank 43 tools and instruments employ innovative methodology to identify and nurture talent.

    • Behavioural Assessment

    • Psychometric Testing

    • Sociometry Assessment

    • Intelligence Assessment

    • Emotional Intelligence Assessment

    • Advanced Assessment Centre

    • Knowledge Assessment

    • Skill Assessment

The DeFrank Behavioural Research and Assessment centre has developed the following types of Psychometrics to cater to the different requirements.

DeFrank Personality and Career Psychometrics for Students - UG/PG level
DeFrank Personality and Career Psychometrics for Engineering Students
DeFrank Personality and Career Psychometrics for MBA Students
DeFrank Leadership Psychometrics
DeFrank Career Direction Psychometrics
DeFrank Intelligence Psychometrics
DeFrank Interest Psychometrics
DeFrank Career Profile for Teaching Faculty
DeFrank Psychometrics for Experienced Professionals
DeFrank Psychometrics for Senior Management

Based on the Psychometric assessment and testing, several Psychological interventions are administered for the deviant profiles.