DeFrank Training & Development

DeFrank Learning System transforms an individual to realize and exert the complete potential. Our unique experiential learning explores the inner energy of individuals to create a productive work environment synergetic and symbiotic eco system.

Learning is just not an action, but it is a delightful experience that scintillates and churns the nerves of exciting knowledge. One can swim into the ocean of the wisdom and explore the pearls of experience learning. Sharing of knowledge is it everlasting joy, like the birds free in the wilderness. DeFrank Training and Development provides a unique learning experience among the trainees. DeFrank Learning System is a tested and proven methodology of training. Several corporate, institutions and individuals have benefited through the Learning System.

DeFrank Learning Systems provides training in

  • Behavioural Training

  • Soft Skills Training

  • Management Training

  • Technical Training

  • Preparatory Training

  • Outbound Training

  • Training Models

Advanced Behavioural Development, Body Language Engineering, Cognitive Streaming, Schema Enhancement, Activation Therapy, Nero- Linguistic Programme, Advanced Communication Labs, Personality Builder are some specialized DeFrank Training Programmes.